Who is Konig Cars?

Konig Cars is made up of two brothers, myself, Stuart, and my brother, Jonathan Konig. We enjoy and love a wide variety of cars, however, our tastes do differ which has led to some interesting family ‘debates’. In the end, we love all cars and believe every car has its own unique soul. No matter the car, spending time with this sort of machinery creates an unbreakable bond between man and machine. Even when the day comes, when its time to part ways with a motor vehicle, it feels the same as losing a friend to immigration. Yes, you can find them, call them or facetime them, but you cannot go to the bar for some drinks on a Friday night. This is the passion and feelings we have for all the cars we have ever owned.

Our interests and passion for motor vehicles has definitely stemmed from our dad Fred Konig. Our father has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all aspects of cars. He has taught us so much about cars and how they work. From mechanical to cosmetic he does it all and has passed on a lot of his knowledge on to myself and my brother. Many of the skills our dad possesses come from our grandfather Ivan Konig who was a motor mechanic for most of his life. These skills have proved invaluable when it comes to keeping our cars on the road. I feel that by doing some basic work on your own car it deepens the ownership experience and creates a euphoric sense of achievement, even after completing the most basic of tasks correctly. This is yet another aspect of cars we have been exposed to through our father. Our interest in cars has strengthened over the years through getting involved in the car and motor racing community, making friends and participating in various events with our cars. I would advise anyone looking to improve the ownership experience of their car to get involved with the community and join Facebook or WhatsApp groups to connect with like-minded people. Social media nowadays is a fantastic way of meeting new people, with Instagram being a favourite of seeing what everyone is up to and organising events. Through our Instagram account Koning Cars, we have met so many people we would not ordinarily be exposed to, which is so rewarding within itself.

On top of the skills and knowledge at our disposal, we also have almost every tool for any job one would want to perform on your car as a weekend warrior car enthusiast. Our dad owns an industrial hardware which is somewhat a family business. This really lends itself to our passion by giving us access to all the tools anyone could ever want. When our grandfather passed away in November 2011, we also inherited all of his tools, expanding our tool collection drastically. We have found that working on cars is substantially more rewarding when you have the right tools for the job, avoiding the fight with uncooperative tools not designed for the type of job you are trying to perform.

As two brothers the spirit and competition as always been present. Be it Gran Turismo or racing real cars, we do everything we can to beat the other person. I must admit all our races are always extremely tight and close. We are both extremely consistent which I guess is the reason why I consistently beat Jono in all things racing. Jono and I grew up playing Gran Turismo and other racing games, expanding our car knowledge as well as developing our own unique individual taste in cars. I for one love odd and unusual cars or even regular cars in unusual colours often described as ‘weird’. Jono prefers a more conservative approach when it comes to cars and I fondly remember purchasing cars on PlayStation and choosing the most bizarre colour combination possible, much to my brothers’ annoyance. This did cause some conflict early on but we have overcome this is obstacle and we can now often be heard saying things like, ‘you’re entitled to your wrong opinion’. The banter is real and I would have it no other way.

Jono and I find that cars and car ownership offer a completely unique experience, unlike anything else. The hunt for that rare or unusual car is as appealing as owning the car itself. We often find ourselves trawling the classifieds just window shopping and imagining what it would be like to own any number of the cars advertised for sale. There is something about owning, enjoying and experiencing various cars that is addictive. When we drive our cars we are not interested in their specs, but are more interested in how they make you feel, every car is different and each have their own unique ‘personality’. Another aspect we love about car ownership are the people you meet and hang out with. Many of my friends are not ‘car people’ and the internal eye roll becomes a thing, when they try desperately, to engage on the subject of cars, however, with their limited knowledge they are bound to get a few pieces of information incorrect. Being able to connect with other motoring enthusiasts affords us the opportunity to talk about cars for hours on end never deviating from the subject of cars and all things motoring. Everyone has their own thoughts and unique tastes in cars and I find it fascinating listening to other peoples views and opinions on what they think are the best marques.

Jono and I love cars. We love preserving, owning and driving them. There are so many interesting stories and experiences we have had over the years. We hope to be lucky enough to continue acquiring and making new memories with our cars well into the future. We look forward to meeting new people and making new friends, expanding our network and enriching our lives through our passion and love of cars.

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